Fx options dealer jobs

Fx options dealer jobs

This section also contains our money market jobs. A large proportion of FX trading is comprised of so-called 'spot trading,' where currencies are bought and sold for immediate deliver. Fundamentally, forex jobs and money broker jobs are all about predicting how economic factors and or government intervention cause currencies to rise in value appreciate or fall in value depreciate against one another. Money market careers can include, for example, repo trading roles, in which holders of government securities sell them on to a counterparty, but agree to buy them back for a specified price at an agreed date no more than 30 days in the future. For example, some salespeople will focus on selling FX products to hedge funds. Within investment banks, FX traders typically focus on trading currency pairs, the most common of which are: However, FX derivative products are also traded over the counter OTC , bilaterally, between individual buyers and sellers without going through exchanges.

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Fx options dealer jobs

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